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1. This end-user agreement is a binding agreement between the end-user and Black' s Academy Co. Ltd. This agreement becomes active when the end-user downloads any document produced by Black's Academy Co. Ltd., and it does not need to be signed. 2. This end-user agreement permits one (1) copy of the product to be electronically stored on no more than one (1) computer at the same time. 3. The copyright of the material remains the property of Black's Academy Co. Ltd. Under no circumstances may photocopies of the material be used without the express written consent of Black's Academy. Co. Ltd. The material is for evaluation purposes only. Under no circumstances may the end-user make additional copies of the material for the purpose of commerical gain. The end-user may not retail the educational material provided. 4. This end-user agreement is non-transferable, and the end-user may not sell any documents. 5. The material is provided on a "use as found" basis. Whilst every effort has been made to check the validity of the material provided on this web-site, Black's Academy Co. Ltd accepts no liablity for any errors in the material, nor for any loss or any form of damage that may arise from the use of the material supplied or any of the database functions provided. Black's Academy Company Limited - Registed in Jersey, Channel Islands, No. 58753
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